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We also make products you can use!

We love to find ways to automate and improve workflows so you can spend your time on bigger challenges.

Talu: Humanize your data

Why build yet another analytics platform?

Our clients kept asking us for data-backed insights to help them make better marketing decisions. meltmedia had a choice between building an unscalable human-staffed analytics practice, or automating that practice with web-based software. We first went to the marketplace to see if there was already a tool that could automate things for us. We struck out.

So we designed and built our own user-friendly web app to get a better understanding of digital marketing efforts. And now we’re sharing Talu with business owners, marketers, and agencies who want actionable insights from their own data.

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Beacontrol: Experience Beacons

Quickly test drive your Bluetooth Beacon ideas without writing a single line of code.

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Beacons are easy to get. Beacon-aware apps are not.

We found out about beacons pretty early on, at an Apple WWDC conference. Our Chief Tinkerer was immediately intrigued and set about getting his hands on as many beacons as possible. He pried them open and learned how they tick, at the hardware and software level.

Now the challenge was, “What do we do with them?” The problem was, and still is, beacons do nothing on their own. They need a beacon-aware mobile app, and a platform to manage their interactions with the mobile app.

So we created Beacontrol; to allow you to quickly test drive real-world scenarios. Beacontrol is the beacon-aware mobile app, and the platform to manage beacons, all rolled into one slick little app, for iOS and Android.