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Meet Jill Amato

QA Engineer

Jill Amato
Roll the Dice

Hi, my name is Jill Amato and I work on the Quality Assurance crew here at melt, as a QA Engineer. I run tests, squash bugs, and keep up our high quality standards. And I get to do it all in a supportive supportive environment that makes me want to deliver my best work.

At home I have two cats, Thor and Lily. Thor’s special talents include high-pitched meowing and unrolling toilet paper, while Lily is known to hold toys in her mouth and yell at the same time. But my favorite animal is a stingray, because they are adorable swimming pancakes.

When I’m not listening to the cat duet, I like to play video games, read, listen to podcasts, watch too many movies, and hang out with friends.

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