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Meet Scott Buscha

Project Manager

Scott Buscha - Project Manager

I wrestled a giraffe to the ground once... with my bare hands.

Hi, my name is Scott Buscha and I work on the Project Management crew here at melt, as a Technical Project Manager. I am responsible for herding and wrangling projects like a cowboy (more on The Cowboys later).

I’m an Arizona native, but I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon in person (that’s what Google’s for, right?). My favorite thing to do around here is hike. Also, I really like that it’s golf season year round. Where else can you play outside in 120º F weather without dying? (Not recommend for non-locals though. We'll see you in the spring). Think about it. I’ll let you get back to me. When I’m not enjoying the Phoenix weather, I’m watching Dallas Cowboys football. It’s the only acceptable time you can yell at a group of large men and live to do it all over again.

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