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Meet Román Pacheco

Senior Frontend Developer

Grimlock counts as a favorite animal, right?

I’m a Senior Frontend Developer on the dev team. I take care of the Talu web app and some of the Talu back-end micro services. We have such a fun work environment here at melt that my job doesn’t really feel like work. Needless to say, I love coming in every day. I’m into new technology, good coffee, and great music (coding + EDM = better coding). I love to have fun and laugh. Luckily the people I’m closest to, my wife and immediate family, do, too. When I’m not “working” at melt, I make it my mission to find new and delicious beer, play video games, and spend some quality time with my wife and my dog, Bear. 

Román Pacheco's desktop shot for mobile view.

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