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Meet Andy Passanisi

Software Developer

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Hi, my name is Andy Passanisi and I’m a software developer here at melt. I’m responsible for abusing snack and coffee privileges, substituting being stubborn for being clever, and daydreaming. The best thing about working here is making cool stuff with cool folks because who wouldn't want to do that? 
I’m from Half Moon Bay, California, where I like getting lost in the coastal redwood forests. Luckily I always make my way out again, where I enjoy stuff like making music and art and playing games (the digital and analog kind). 
I have a lot of favorite things. Movie? Anything involving the Muppets; somehow CGI still can’t hit the emotional range that a hand in a sock can. Book? The Stone Sky, because it throws fantasy tropes out the window and then invites them back in if they have a good reason to be there. Animal? Sea otters, because they're adorable and vicious at the same time.
And my favorite person in the world is my daughter, especially when she uses my own facial expressions back at me — the good ones and the bad ones.

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