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Meet Allison Kennedy

Frontend Developer

Developer by day, dragon rider by night.

Hi there! I’m a Frontend Developer on the fabulous Development crew here at melt. I hope you like acronyms, because I develop websites for the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform, write HTML and CSS (SCSS/LESS), and use git via the command line for version control. Additional job responsibilities include shooting Nerf darts at my coworkers, and dodging the ones so graciously returned to me. I started dabbling in web development when I was 11 years old (which several of my peers tease, “was just a few years ago”). The fun, supportive, and collaborative team environment here at melt gets me excited to wake up and go to work. I learn something new from my colleagues every day.

When I'm not at melt, I'm probably hanging out with my husband and our adorable dog, Pong. In my free time I love to play video games, watch geeky movies and anime, go rock climbing, play tennis, and go out to eat at the wonderful restaurants here in Tempe. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we have lots of snacks in the kitchen. Our office grocery bill has probably doubled since I’ve been hired.

Allison Kennedy's desktop shot for mobile view.

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