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Meet Lulu Riordan

UX Designer

Lulu Riordan
I'm just a kid in grown-up clothes. Don't tell my boss.

Hi, I’m Lulu and I’m one of the UX Designers here at melt. I’m responsible for discovering the client's needs, uncovering what the user wants, and designing a delightful experience that will make both happy! 

I’m originally from Ireland and I grew up in New York City. Now I’m happily warming up here in the Sun Valley.

Speaking of warmth, the best thing about working at melt is wonderful people and pets I get to work with, including my own puppy Dill aka Dylan Mckay, Dillbo Shaggins, Dill-a-ling. It really is a treat because around every corner is either a smiling face or a wagging tail. 

When I’m not at work  I spend my time doing home yoga, working on writing projects, meditating, or getting lost in a good book while chilling on my balcony with Mr. Dilly-dally.

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