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Meet Drew Feldhacker

Operations Engineer

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"I'm looking into it."

My work here includes considering, combobulating, and supporting many aspects of our infrastructure. The number one thing that sets melt apart for me is our attunement to workplace culture: it’s what makes this a place I want to work AND be.

My hometown is Tucson, Ariz. and it’s where I live today. I love the Downtown experience here, and I’m often awestruck by the walkability and abundance of social spots. Martin's ‘luchador-chic’ Comida Chingona and the historic Hotel Congress Tap Room are a couple of my favs, while the Rialto and Fox Theaters make for vivid and intimate live venues. Reid Park also strikes a chord for me: I find the grassy grounds and mature trees immersive in the midst of the desert. Its 130 acres include a dog park, rose garden, amphitheater, pool— even a zoo. And a baseball stadium, recreation center… and a warehouse where one might take delivery of surplus city property purchased at auction. Tucson can be quirky. Another place I'd like to spend some quality time is Manhattan. I imagine it as a city with MANY of THE THINGS and I'd like to experience that in person.

Outside of work, I enjoy engaging with the place I’m in; sometimes by bicycle or in the company of my abbreviated dog, Theo. I like when my mornings include a cup of coffee in the 3rd-wave way.

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