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Meet melt's PAWsome Pups!

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Alejandra Guillen - Marketing Associate
Alejandra Guillen

Here at meltmedia, we strongly believe that every work day is better when we get to bring our favorite companions along. Our clicking keyboards are often accompanied by the rustle of dogs playing... and the occasional flying sugar glider.

Our four legged friends make the hours spent at the office more enjoyable and they love traveling along. Well… most of them do, as long as there aren’t any scooters speeding by or drones flying above. Meet the dogs of meltmedia!


Annabelle Sarah Rauschnclemonstein, 3 years old



Annabelle, more commonly know as Bellie around the office, comes into work with our HR Director, but to her, he’s just her dad. Annabelle’s favorite toy is a plastic bottle and she loves coming into work, but only when there are other dog friends around. Otherwise, she is SO bored.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics, Annabelle proved her skills to be a part of the Final Five by sensing the energy in the room, getting fired up, running around as fast as she could, and leaping over the sofa— using the back as her springboard. If you ask us, she was definitely a gymnast in another life.

In her spare time, Anabelle dodges paparazzi due to her striking resemblance to eight-time Grammy Award winner, Usher Raymond IV.

Anabelle and Usher



Daisy Brockhaus-Bowman (aka Diggy), 7 years old



Daisy is basically the office mascot. She’s in almost every day! While being precious is an everyday talent, she specializes in calming people down. Her owner, Audrey, says they adopted her when she was 6 years old, so they don’t know if she was trained to soothe the masses.

“If ever anyone seems upset or angry she walks up to them and puts her paw on their knee in an Oprah-like gesture. She will paw you on the knee till you calm down. I was not aware of how much swearing I do while driving until I was driving Miss Daisy and kept getting the Oprah paw from her. My husband and I also get more worked up while watching TV than Daisy thinks is acceptable, so she’s been reining us in.”

Daisy loves coming into work, probably because she gets all the belly rubs she could ever possibly want by laying belly-up in the middle of the walkway— who could resist that tummy? She’s extremely comfortable at melt.

Sometimes too comfortable… But that was our fault. We have an AstroTurf rug in our office that Daisy once mistook for actual turf.

When she’s not getting belly rubs or being Oprah, she’s busy acting as her celebrity doppleganger, the dog from Stranger Things.

Daisy and Stranger Things Dog






Theo is one of our office dogs who’s short on legs, but big on heart and personality. He loves coming into our office, but hates our office scooters. We make up for having the scooters around by trying to win him over with treats.

He knows how to “sit pretty” and we often mistake him for Peter Dinklage. But who could blame us? They’re both equally handsome.

Theo and Peter



Wrigley Field Shoffman, 2.5 years old



This is Wrigley. He loves to impersonate others. He snorts like a pig when he sleeps, hops like a bunny when he runs, and eats two dinners per night, just like dad! Despite his constant impersonations, Wrigley is a sweet angel child and has done nothing wrong, ever in his life. (We know this, and we love him).

Whether Wrigley likes coming to work or not is still a mystery. What we do know that when he gets asked if he wants to come to work, he starts crying out of pure joy and sprints around the house like there’s no tomorrow. But again, we’re not sure what this means...

His biggest influence is Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s, who he impersonates after a day of long meetings.

Wrigley and Bernie



Geena Pajayjay Ledger, 8 years old

Geena Pajayjay Ledger


Geena is a beautiful 8 year-old toy poodle who loves long naps in her closet. The discovery that she likes hiding in the back of a closet was made several years ago when she was told she was getting a bath. Her owner, Alejandra, thought she ran away at first, but after a long two-hour stand-off, she finally emerged from her hiding place. Now it’s the first place they look when she disappears. 

If you’re wondering if she’s related to the late Heath Ledger, she’s not. She just so happened to come into her owner’s life the same summer he passed away. RIP Heath.

Geena loves getting belly rubs. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing, she welcomes all to scratch her belly.

Geena’s soul bears a strong resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, not only because of her kind eyes but because she lives her life in black and white.

Geena and Audrey



Oakley, 5 years old



This is Oakley. He’s a dog, but we’re convinced he’s a human child in a bear suit. He’s got a lot of special talents, but the one that really stands out are his stellar high-fives. He’ll give you one if you ask! But only if you’ve got a treat ready for when he’s done.

Oakley loves coming into work. The minute his mom pulls into the parking lot, he starts whining and sprints towards the office! He loves spending the day here, but it’s probably because of all the treats he gets.

When we’re not confusing Oakley for a child in a bear suit, we’re confusing him for Yogi Bear’s sidekick, Boo-Boo.

Oakley also has his own Instagram. Feel free to follow him so his followers-to-following ratio makes him look super famous.

Oakley and Boo Boo