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10,778,283 Reasons Why I Love My Job

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Matthew Rausch
VP of Human Resources

I'm Matt, and I'm an HR Director. I work for the best company in the world, meltmedia (affectionately known as “melt”). I’ve worked a few places in my day, mostly corporate, and while there are good people at those companies, this 60-person interactive agency is the best job I’ve had.

The love starts at the top

The three partners love their jobs, too. We know this because they're happy, engaged and 100% approachable. They also want the rest of us to feel that way about meltmedia. They allow us great freedom to not only express our ideas, but implement those at the drop of a hat, without all the bureaucratic obstacles that exist in other companies.

How does that relate to me, the lone HR wolf in this commonwealth of designers, tech gurus and project management experts? Because I also experience that freedom. I’ve been able to implement processes and software that provide easy methods for better communication and enjoyment of our work lives.  

Health and happiness go hand-in-hand

Here's an example... we already have an excellent health insurance plan but the partners agreed to enhance that with a wellness plan. They not only agreed, but invested around $5,000 to purchase Fitbits for everyone. You can read about our fanatical inaugural challenge here. melt now holds quarterly FitBit competitions, offering prizes that range from cool water bottles to running shirts to Sprouts gift cards. The most recent competition was our 2nd Annual 30-Day Most Steps Fun-time Walkathonapalooza. Our developers even created a cool website that used the Fitbit API to track our steps in real time. All 10,778,283 of them.

Fitbit leaderboard screenshot


Wellness FTW!

This all added up to a ton of steps, a ton of miles, weight lost, rapport built, health strengthened and prizes won. As we've said before, if your organization is looking for ideas to promote employee wellness, programs like this are a great start. If you want to know more, email me :)